Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2017

Only Death~by Hela Tekali



Only Death

I will call death if it is still there
It never impedes me from your love and care
The night I thought I were dead
But I was half -alive and half -fed
The love I believed it would lead me to my rebirth
But with dried lips I was forlorn
My heart was split into butterflies
Caressed with naked thoughts and painful cries
I am half -dead and half- alive
Is it patience the key to my life
I let my soul dance in the funeral of my grave
I could not its sobbed and broken wings save
Like a rotten cadavre I was left to crave
Misled in the wilderness I could not cross the desert
I saw the sea but too I could not split it in two
It is only death that made me addicted to you.


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