Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2017

The Thud of My Heart~by Hela Tekali



The Thud of My Heart

I speak to you through the thud of my heart
Every inch of my senses understands your silence
My soul merges into your Holy Spirit
I feel you inside me with no need to hear your voice
It is you who inspires my soul to be wise
Unveiling your plan to me for my faith to rise
I dream of no one but you as my Sunrise
You blow inside my flesh like the roaring Wind
Leaving your whisper in the thud of my heart
The sound of my beat echoes that whispering breeze
Beat me strongly with your love
My thrashing heart yearns for a merciful release
Do not leave me on the threshold of despair
Sneaks into the open door of my heart and meet me there.

Jenayah Hela


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