Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2017

World Peace~by Dale Fittler



World Peace

When we are children we don’t think of such things as war.
We dream of having Eagles wings,flying through the sky we soar.
We run around playing outside and just make our own fun.
Little do we know there is a man around the corner threatening families with a gun.

We go to school taking for granted the English and Maths we are taught.
While the starving and poor have their countries to the rich,sold and bought.
They sit in government offices contemplating starting some war.
For what reasons,get the Oil,this makes my blood boil and shocks me to the core.

You never see Presidents in a battlefield waiting to catch a bullet.
They say that in the end this war will make our lives safer,please tell me how could it.
Bush sits in his oval office and blames the world’s problems on terrorism and Iraq.
When this war goes ahead,we will have nothing left but headstones and memorial plaques.

Do they really think the world’s problems can be saved with the sound of guns.
Think about this carefully,then ask what will be left for our daughter’s and son’s.
When the devastation has finished,the Prime minister won’t rebuild yr families house.
He will be to busy in his bunker being kept safe and warm like a little mouse.

While the world’s leaders strut around,talking about who has the biggest armies,who has the best.
They are not thinking of us little people,they are not caring for the rest.
All we will have to look forward to is a world of mangled steel and blown up concrete.
Nowhere left to watch your children play,nowhere to hear the pitter patter sounds of your babies feet.

All the government’s are thinking is who will get it,who will end up with the power.
Not even considering the human existence getting shorter by the hour.
Just grab that oil they say,so our wheels we can grease.
Why won’t they listen to us,we are not asking for much,just a little World Peace.

Dale Fittler 12/1/03


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