Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2017

Naked Souls~by Hela Tekali



Naked Souls

Naked souls
Defying all nature’s rules
Acting like perfect fools
Portraying Adam and Eve
Reluctant to bid their shameful leave.

For forbidden love
They ardently crave
From the prohibited apple tree
They unconsciously flee
But against their fervent desire
Found themselves its insane preys
Eating from its banned candy fruit.

Fantaisies felt
Eternal lust shared
Emotion of uneasiness crept
Over their secret ardent desire
Making their foolish naked souls
Burning on Fire!

What a shame!
Such love is to blame
Against divine wish
Shall be consumed by flames,
Acting against God’s will
Is indeed an absurd obsession that kills!

Jenayah hela
From “Halos Of Light”


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