Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2017

The autumn of my life~by David Christian



The autumn of my life

Image may contain: sky, bridge, outdoor, water and nature

The green of summer fading into a more yellowish brown
My thoughts no long rushing to find new memories or task
The river slowing to a gentler glide on reflective water
No longer rushing to find unanswered questions
Or to jump to conclusion more quickly than the next
The sky is not as brightly blue or the sun as warm as yesterday
The grass dimmed in to a darker duller hue
And trees suddenly become golden leafed or reddish brown
Or orange, yellow, purpled ornaments dangling in a zestful breeze
A chill within the bones and heart is slowed in its progression
Wants and needs turn into a lazy tranquil acceptance of age
As the leaves of fall depart, and the chill of winter approaches
Memories of warmer, brighter days fill me with a childhood past
Nostalgia echoes down the years of life and wraps me in a blanket.

By David Christian



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