Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 1, 2017

Daily missive for Thursday the 1st of June.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 1st of June.

Carry me up and away
I am feather light
There is so little
Between the inner and outer edge
Of my resolve
Tracing paper is thinner
Than the ribbons
Meant to hold me in place
A gentle breeze
Is all it would need
To break free.
The under sides of clouds are
Within touching distance
If I brushed them apart
The sky would
Become my domain.
Flying is believing
So it is said and the Angels
Will carry what remains
Of the dead
Until they find their feet
And earn their wings.
Wooden puppets
Still need strings
Pinocchio was a story
If I am lighter than air
Lift me up
Float me home to safety
Be a lifeboat
Or do I need to throw
Myself upon your mercy
Before I am raised up.
Blind faith
The invisible wraith
Show me the proof
The veracity of such
An argument.
I may have more to lose
Than a bruised ego
If I should choose to go
And you are not there
To catch me.


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