Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 1, 2017

Daughter! Will drive you insane.~by rldubour



Daughter! Will drive you insane.

Image result for Daughter! Will drive you insane.

They start out sweet and innocent just as cute as they can be.

Until they reach the teenage years then it’s all misery,

Somehow they think there’re all grown up can do anything they please.

It’s now you wish that GPS was installed behind their knees!

And when you think the worse is over they start dating boys.

Now the trouble is just beginning and we start making noise.

They seem to pick the losers they think there’re really fun.

In their eyes they must be cool who cares if they are dumb.

And if he drinks that’s even better or just got out of jail.

Or a different race they don’t care they love their pony tail.

This tough guy they look up too will surely bring them pain.

Have they lost their self-esteem? Daughter! Will drive you insane.

You say you’re going to ground her, it’s for her own good.

She sneaks off in his car heading straight for some dark woods.

Some of them do smarten up, for some it’s way too late.

That way of life is not for them yet others choose their fate.

Remember girls your teenage years are the most important of them all.

Think of your reputation it might help you not to fall.

Most of all look real close is this the path you want to go?

The future is the choice you make, only you will know.


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