Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2017

SONG OF MONSOON (1) ARRIVAL~by Anil Kumar Panda




Image may contain: cloud, sky, nature and outdoor

As the crimson ray rises
Over lanky palms
To touch the silver sky
The last hoot of a restless
Owl is heard from the dale
Where night goes to die

As the water in the pond
Dances with ripples
And reflects her sleepy face
She sheds her clothes hiding
From stare of men
Loosening the worrying lace

As columns of smoke
Whorl up to get
Disperse above thatched roofs
She pulls a veil over her face
To escape the dust
Rising from unsteady hoofs

As the hearth catches fire
She sits down to stir
The gruel humming a love song
Anxious farmers pray the deity
To wish this year
The summer should not be long

As the night creeps in to
The fold of earth
A cool wind comes as a guest
A drop of rain falls on a leaf
To slide down to
Take on the earth its final rest

As the smell of moist earth
Fills the dry air
Making worried faces to smile
There comes like sound of
Drums from hills
And lightening falls for over a mile

Copy Right Reserved
@ Anil Kumar Panda 02/06/2017


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