Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2017

THE BOHEMIAN VILLA~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




It is a tall,narrow house in a terraced row,
There are five storeys,welcoming with different colour bows.
First floor is in purple for dignity,
Second is in white, pastel for purity.
Third is in green hues for hope,
Fourth landing is in teak brown with a slope.
The fifth is a terrace room blue as the sky,
Slanting glass roof to see birds fly.
The place is spilling with visitors and guests,
What a splendidly living environment,
Each room is chock-a-block with fine furnitures,
Including art noveau lamps and goodness knows what else.
Dining table is carved mahogany with twelve matching chairs,
Furnishings and curtains are of printed fabric,
From famous store ’Libertys’ in regent street.
Writers,designers and filmmakers are around,
In an assortment of languages,gaggles of artistic folks abound,
Bawling good-naturedly,french seems their common ground,
Like minded artists from Europe and America are found.
France someone claimed to be most important in flim production,
Its art and film business rapidly expanding
An American heiress with a necklace of large amber beads,
Smoking a cigarette loudly disagreed,
American’Biograph’ most innovative film company in the world,
English lady claimed’London’ to be financial centre of the world.
Such intensity and passion with light hearted admiration,
Everyone adored their nation but complemented others contribution.
When guests left lively house was calm,
Lady with her two Russian silver blue cats curled asleep,
On her chaise lounge in flower kimono deep,
Hair flowing long and loose,barefoot reading a script,
By then it was about time for afternoon tea,
So we went to the study room to be served by a butler,
Cook made home made biscuits and cup cakes spree,
Tucking contentedly into goodies with smells of fine leather,
Hundreds of books lined the shelves till the ceiling
Portraits of grand ancestors hung on floral walls as paintings,
The open balcony full of seasonal flowers in fine weather.

Jyotirmaya Thakur©®April 2017


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