Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 2, 2017

The Words~by Sanjib Das



The Words
Sauntering through lane of Words
I gulp some half-baked things
They call it systematic formation as poetry
That somewhere remains choked
Mind remains in state of comatose
Where have all those words of assurance gone
That mountains and hills will clap
While bursting into eternal songs
Stars will smile and poetry will emerge
In manifestation of Uneven Keel being under control
And the wheel controller trying to save lives attempts
to passing on precious words of caution
Thunder from far end horizon scary
Someone says the Gandiv has been lifted
And also Karna is desperately trying to save the wheel
From inevitable dreadful death
Words take concrete shape within
But are not put in pen and paper, still to be born
Unable to bring them to light, I still remain unmoved
When the taunts from weavers of words cannot disturb inner peace
They say I only fight a losing battle
But again reassurance arrives from above
“ Not you, but it is the job of the powerful Guide
Be calm and have patience
Words will finally be the mighty Victors !”

All rights ® reserved by : Sanjib Das


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