Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 3, 2017

ABANDONED~by Shalini Singh




The thoughts that seemed abandoned,
Are here, seems like they want to break in,
When l felt stranded, somewhat deserted,
Thoughts came about my mystery companion,
I know the life l was living was nothing what l imagined,
I believe life cant be shaped the way we plan it,
Surprisingly, when you find yourself lost and abandoned,
A stranger might knock at your door so unexpectedly,
Life may have been somewhere fair to you but maybe you had taken love for granted,
When love goes against me and l feel abandoned,
Memories whisper to me and l battle with my inner strength,
Sometimes regret becoming my companion in this journey of life,
I wish to cross that fine line between my own world of reality and fantasy,
My strong will still screaming to become my steady friend,
Your presence makes me feel that life doesn’t wish to leave me empty handed,
Though l don’t wish to wet my eyes or pray for my happiness,
I was always true to my heart and l let it face the truth ,
I guess l cant hold the truth that l hid in my heart so long,
Mark my words they speak of the truth they have always known,
The search is on and in this process one might feel alone and abandoned,
I hear a divine voice and life struggles to find what l deserve,
My spirits soar, l am willing to welcome a new beginning of life,
With every sunset there is a promising sunrise,
I am ready to pursue life with a better understanding,
I dream of a life that is less demanding,
I remember, at times when l had no shelter l felt abandoned,
My screams of failure l cant bear to face again,
The angels within me though never chose to depart,
They made me feel my worth and l really never felt so stranded,
When l saw no future it were they who held my hand,
The source of all my happiness and good sense,
I know life is certainly beyond my understanding,
It gives me a hand to hold on, the one who claims to be my companion,
I set my expectations and hold on to life once again,
I feel so lost in love that l once again seek that peace and understanding in love.

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