Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 3, 2017

MOTION~by Bipul Kalita




Dancing crimes
thrills opportunists
providing with platforms
to have ceaseless motions

With white wash
they conceal black spots
becoming patriots behind traitors
becoming humanists behinds terrorists
To fool innocents from sunrise to sunset

Motion they have
are borrowed from darkness
are narrowed to cheating desires
that steal peace from devotees of truth
that heal their pain of impotent existence
contrasting productive hands in fertile lands

Shame on motion
they love to have with stolen fuel
pretending to be elite forces everywhere
to ascend more and more to catch the moon
challenging the sun that treasures the original lights

All rights reserved by Bipul Kalita
02/ 06/ 2016, Assam, Nagaon, (India)


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