Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2017

Scruples~by rldubour




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According to the dictionary, scruples has more than one meaning.

An uneasy feeling arising from conscience of ones’ being.

Or principle that tends to hinder action, synonyms at qualm.

Similar to a person that can pick your pocket and stay very calm.

Or could be a unit of apothecary weight equal to 1.3 grams or 20 grains.

The choice on this is easy the weight will be left out, to much for my brain.

Now, has anyone ever told you that you have no scruples?

For example, I will tell you some to relate to all my pupils.

He has no scruples, when he steals a blind mans cane.

Of when he laughs at someone who has pain.

He has no scruples when he insults all his friends.

And when he’s asked to stop he does it all again.

I bet everyone knows this type of person who just will not quit.

They have no conscience, have no scruples usually just full of it.

They are not fun to be with or even call them friend.

Those who have no scruples are at the very end.

No scruples when he takes his mom last dollar then throws it away.

Has no scruples when he writes on some strangers grave.

There are so many examples of people with no scruples.

Think of someone that you know use them as your pupil.

Maybe you can change their ways and even call them friend.

Then again, maybe not, they might not comprehend.

Either way you tried your best, to make that person see.

And if he is blind and still unkind, then no scruples it will be.


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