Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 4, 2017

Wait for you Maa~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick



Wait for you Maa

I wait for you sincerely in the triangular and lonely square of my life
where you left my hand and
Made me alone for ever
I searched you every where
Dawn to dusk and
dusk to dawn
with eyes in tears

while looking at the prolonged corn field
I feel you store the food for me
Like your angelic nectar
To satisfy my hunger

While resting under the shades of the banyan
The cool breeze blows over me
In the scorching summer
I feel your Lullaby
And your five feet cotton printed Saree
with thin red boarder
Touches my personality
That you have given me

While sitting calm in meditation
In every new dawn
Your silent words of
Unconditional love and compassion
Echoes within
With vigorous momentum

While watching the sky
In the dark night
I invent you as a star
Twinkling there
Making me aware
“Do not be so sentimental my dear child
Walk forward with positive efforts
To cross the prolonged and
Zig zag path of life
To achieve the goals
Till your last day in the divine nature ”

You embrace me
Every moment,
Every where
Every situations of
Pains and pleasure
Oh my Mother!



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