Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2017





My heart is so confused whether it has everything or nothing at all ?
I wake up each morning from nothing sick of the heart that longs for everything,
The best is yet to come, time cheers me up makes me see life in the light of hope,
The gloomy shadow that keeps following me takes away my ease,
I find myself imprisoned in the cage l myself created,
When he is there with me l see nothing l feel he is everything,
Devoid of that presence l have nothing to sing, nothing to create,
I know whatever l created is nothing, l made everything actually out of nothing,
Life tried to teach me everything but l guessed l learnt nothing,
My soul so inquisitive why it needs to question everything,
I cant stop it and l cant reform it and l cant do anything to prevent that sting,
Always thinking of what the future would bring, my words sing,
My innocent heart watched him, the one who gave everything,
I know the secret that what was given was not everything but l cant do a thing,
I keep digging my heart and search for sorrow and wonders within,
Every dawn promises that it is not the end it will bring again something,
For a moment l was successful in holding love, and the goodness that only love can bring,
Somehow the feelings get twisted and tangled and thoughts swing,
What seems as everything to me actually means nothing at all,
My faith and belief in love makes me a part of life that you bring,
I tell you everything hoping you would tell on me in return,
You got static l realised you wont tell on me l hope time would tell everything,
I followed the sound hoping it would lead me somewhere but it lead to nothing,
I assumed to know everything but actually l knew nothing,
l wish to change everything, l don’t seem to care of anyone or anything,
Floating on the wings of reality l realise l actually cant change a thing,
I remember exactly what l did and that moment l feel everything,
The want of wanting everything, sometimes everything means nothing,
I don’t wish to whisper but scream why cant l say anything,
I may not be everything but that doesn’t mean l am nothing at all,
Love can be a reason for every thing for love there need not to be something,
The bliss the feeling of love can bring, it leaves in you something,
I know my move is so right it is much better than anything,
I see love changing everything, l see it sparkle like a star in the night,
So when l feel l have nothing actually l might have everything,
It is the feeling of love that gives you everything in exchange of nothing,
I feel it will change everything and l guess its worth all waiting,
Time rolls but my heart and soul have no idea what tomorrow promises to bring,
A heart so lost in love that it seeks hope in everything,
My heart wonders whether the best thing ever really existed,
When love means everything, l will prefer to be love, l will be everything,
I feel l was born for something l just cant fall apart as nothing or anything,
When my heart is convinced it crosses the barrier of everything,
It might be hard to believe when l say in nothing l get everything,
I let my heart sing it has got nothing but it has got everything.


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