Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 5, 2017

Haunting~by rldubour




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Are you a believer? Or do you refuse and say no such thing?

Do documented cases, still make you say, “It’s not really happening!”

Do you pass on something strange? That seems quite daunting?

Read on and you will believe in the supernatural of haunting!

Next time you at home and just want to relax.

Close your eyes and just listen it might just set you back.

Hear the creak in the stairs and feel the cold chill in the air.

Your mind says no but is there something unnatural really there?

You have a rash explanation and re-close your eyes.

Don’t want to admit it might be a spirit that had died.

Or more than one could be haunting your home.

Depends on the history and if some did roam.

They can travel through furniture from one place to place.

Or they just have not left their spirit must feel safe.

I don’t know the answer why they do stay on.

Maybe it was something in real life that still holds the bond.

If you open your mind and be willing to believe.

That spirits are real and they are not going to leave.

You might even hear noises that you just can’t explain.

And never say nothing for fear they might think you insane.

I bet everyone has had a haunting it seems.

And all the nonbelievers pass it off as a dream.

You say there is no such thing? Well listen to this

Spirits are real and hauntings exist.

This word we call energy makes up most of our soul

When our body no longer functions where does the energy go?

It’s a known fact energy never does die.

Spirits or a haunting? Only you can decide!

Are you a believer? Or refuse to say no such thing?

Do documented cases make you say, “It’s not really happening.”

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