Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2017

Daily missive for Tuesday the 6th of June.~ Canal boat song.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 6th of June.
Canal boat song.

Unseasonal weather
Cold winds and
Showers that scatter
Pitter patter
Oh how they hammer
On an old tin roof
Deafening in a canal boat
A floating caravan
With sloping deck
Slippery underfoot
For the unwary
A fall into the river
Or down in the undergrowth
Out of sight
Of the footpath
Would be a danger
Walking the plank
A narrowly defined approach
For the land locked
Clambering over
The brambles
Avoiding stinging nettles
The crumble
Of the well-worn towpath
An obstacle course
After an oiling
In a nearby hostelry
Oh how cold winds blow
Spend summer days
Playing Gin Rummy
And dominoes
Waiting for sunshine
Just like childhood
Holidays on a caravan park
Stuck in a tin can
A drunken old man
Too many people
Not enough space
Even the greenery
Feels too close
Always standing on
Someone’s toes
Nothing ever changes
But the scenery.

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