Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2017

DIG DELIGHTED~by Balachandran Nair




Today I am sweet seventeen, a Dig,
Two square feet size, two feet deep
On day one I was dug,
I was filled with cow dung
It was a 5th June, 2000 AD.
A Father came ,blessed,
Planted a banyan tree sapling,
Earth filled up to my throat,
Blessed all with Holy water.
All applauded, flashes, click,
Sworn to preserve forest,
Shared sweets, shook hands, left.
Having been put in an
Apt place in front, fine view,
I am lucky, always got noticed.
Plant got rain, grew green,
Drought came, dried, it died.
Next year June, I was cleaned,
Dug once more, luckily I saw
A Minister bow in front of me,
Planted a Neem(Margosa), smiled,
Lectured on environment, left.
I saw more politicians, officers,
Celebrities, social activists,
Repeat it every year after year.
Luckily no one, more than once!
I pity on those organizers, who
Think plant grow on camera clicks
Still lucky I am, remembered each year
New celebrity come, bow, touch me, go
For them, this day is a
Birthday for a new plant,
But for me, an obituary of the ones,
Planted the previous years!


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