Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2017

healing songs~by Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju



healing songs

i hold a weather of healing songs in my tongue. do
we not heal when we heal others? i want to run into
dry places and


man. you are dry. and home in your
heart is another name of silence. i look into your eyes. they
hold the memory of your wife. you will sit at her grave
again tonight and

tell your pains. but i fold for you healing

clouds. would you rise? gay. and heal in the rain.

brother. you sit a fool-stop at the end of
a suicide note. and

the loops pronounce your neck. you want to

how is your sick mother? will she heal on your casket?
will your death not remind us of deaths forgotten? see. i bring you
new rhythms. i am running into songs. and the sunshine is

tomorrow. would you bend the fool-stop? and move on like ellipses.

live. live. and loop rays for mother.

sister. i lift your smile. it is all broken inside. i pick you
like dawn. i cannot carry you. evening wears you. a moan
under the testicles of mean men. you drown like a foul smell in a cologne

of tears. but this is not you. this is not the perfect life you say
to the mirror. i am writing you into a brand new moon.

would you wax? strong. and light your way.

woman. you are pale. your son breaks from
your skin. and now you hurt in many places. you dream
the night if like a shooting star he flashes past. and tonight

you will reject the food again. sleep on the

photographs and curse your breasts. i am falling

into your eyes. a sweet dream.

would you smile? sing. and hold the morning in faith. merry.

and celebrate your son. hero and


Ayoola Goodness ©2017



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