Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2017

Honeymoon on Cape Cod~by rldubour



Honeymoon on Cape Cod

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Just married and so much in love they will spend their honeymoon.

On this special get away for this bride and groom.

What better place to start their life, it is where it all began.

Promise of a bright future while leaving footprints in the sand.

They have their reservations and planned itinerary.

Not much time with just two weeks to see what there is to see.

Catch a ferry out of Falmouth to the Vineyard will be nice.

Then over to Nantucket and sleep there for a night.

Then back to the main land and heading north on route 6

Heading for Provincetown to stand right at the tip;

To view the historic lighthouses and a whale watch on the list.

They view all this together for later years to reminisce.

Heading back on 6A to drive along the bay.

They planned to stay in Yarmouthport which is on the way.

This bride and groom have spent a week checking off their list.

Of all the things they want to see and nothing will be missed.

They will take the second week and spend it all alone.

On the beach hand and hand with love defiantly shown.

Cape Cod is romantic for both young and old.

And each town has its own place with a story to be told.

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