Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2017

On World Environment Day~by Nandita Samanta



On World Environment Day

Rhythm of nature~
My laughter echoes in the valleys of Kashmir .
My smile drifts miles like cherry blossoms in a fresh breeze,
Shine in rippling waves of sunshine
Dance over the cones and needles of pine
Over the meadows my warm breath gush
Drop the pearled dew from off the grass,
In tremulous ecstasy I drink the vermilion sun !
Cling to the orange curtains hung on the east pavilion.
With both my stretched arms with all my might
I catch, the lofty sun beaten clouds in flight
Timeless ! riveting eyes, look up to stare
Encompassing beauty so bare and rare
Drift off to the rift with the blustery breeze
My weary mind, in unknown pathways freeze
I hear the wind whisper to the wailing trees
Strumming the branches, swirling the leaves
Caressing many splendours on various terrains
Creating a continuous song of wonderful refrains
Flying on flits, on silent wings I’m all alone
Hungrily savour the light, and with the winds I moan
With the stirring wild flowers, in rhythm I dance
The green murmurs in choir, enhance my trance!
In the flora and the fauna, Kashmir to Kanyakumari
I flow like the soulful tunes of the Kinnari ( Kinnari*Indian stringed instrument)
©®Nandita Samanta


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