Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2017

TRAGEDY~by Sanjib Das




The day comes and vanishes in earthly darkness
My sadness reminds how that voice once troubled,
“ You do not know how to express your tender love” !
Her terse voice haunts, she has very suddenly left I know
And I look at horizon just to have a glimpse
Of some happiness fate has so rudely snatched
My joy has been devoured like insectivores
Memory lies as ash in dying flame
Fireplace no longer gives that comforting warmth
My dreams of senseless nights dim discreetly
When darkness chokes
And sun at break of day does not charm
In desperate need of a nest, I scream
But it is sadly covered by threatening shadows
Life poses itself, tragedy strikes as never before.

All rights ® reserved : Sanjib Das


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