Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 7, 2017

Follow your Bridge~by Karen King



Follow your Bridge

Westminter Bridge has fallen.
London Bridge has fallen.
People are falling.
Earth is falling.

I hear the trees screaming in pain,
waving their branches in the air,
throwing them on the ground,
like angry waves on the sea.

The sky is dark,
like the dangerous depths
of a forbidding
and threatening sea.

We walk around
in our poisoned prison cells.
Downtrodden in despair
by the powers that be.

It is time we
followed our own bridges.
To a better world
and a better life.

Follow the one bridge
and find the waiting pot of gold
in the form of love and hope.
For humanity’s sake!

Karen King Copyright 6 June 2017

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