Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 7, 2017

THE FEAR~by Shalini Singh




My heart feels what if it gets rid of this fear,
The mind can’t stop thinking of the thoughts that appear and disappear,
All the expectations from life and the good things we like to hear,
Fear that hides in the gentle heart and creeps on,
What is in love that we fear?
When l am in doubt l am convulsed with fear, my heart refuses to take my side,
I seem half asleep and all these doubts and fear knock at the door,
I am not scared of the darkness, l cry in defiance, it is not fear,
I bid them goodbye but they succeed in shaking me to the depth,
I can see them flying away but hear their humming cheers,
After a while l feel the silence and the fear hidden in it like the gloom that prevails in the desert,
l might shed a few silent tears under the spell of that fear,
I allow that cause l don’t claim to have the firmest of heart that can bear all,
When that moment passes l laugh and suppress my fear,
I tell myself tales of my childish time to youth, that bring cheer,
The fear is reverend to me as my soul is aware of the sacred presence above,
That sweeps me through hope and fear, time and time again,
Sometime l might give up saying it was my fault or it might be my fate,
My love, my fear give me sign to find my purpose here,
I wish to try my best even though l might scarcely succeed,
The chains of hope and fear are unable to bound my wavering soul,
The want of your presence, the fear of your disappearance,
I know becoming the cause of my fear, but i hold my senses in control,
I set up an image here, a symbol of my love, hope and fear,
It doesn’t leave me so there is no reason to worry or fear,
I feel l am shielded by most of strength and there is the least of fear,
Your soul glanced at me and trust me it cant forget, forsake or refuse to hear,
The hovering fear parts and our hearts do come near,
A wordless voice whispers in my ears, and stand there smiling without fear,
A sense of mystery engulfs my soul, l don’t wish to make it clear,
I wish to ruled by love rather than fear, l don’t wish to know l am advancing to where,
I know love will guide me further as it is love who got me here,
I see the truth and at that moment there is nothing to fear.

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