Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 8, 2017

TIME AND AGAIN~by Shalini Singh




I am thinking that by being in love or staying in love what will l gain?
I am allowing my heart to think of pleasures that became past as well as the pain,
I am giving them grounds so they appear again and again,
My mind doesn’t wish to speak of them but all pleadings to my heart seem in vain,
They make me guilty when their stay prolongs and they bother me again,
When l breathe the sweet breath of freedom and see life in new light again,
The forsaken seem to be bewitched by the looks of my sweet charm and complain,
Though l keep travelling with time but love returns again and again,
I saw the range of love throughout this journey and hope to meet again,
I know its beyond my power to turn years again and remove that stain,
I still await for that love exchange and rise again through this loneliness and pain,
How many times l died and rose again l fail to keep count again,
Nothing can succeed in taming my spirit and my brain,
I might cry but that doesn’t deter laughter from within me to sprang again,
You gave happiness but you cant ever promise to give that again,
I am still contented to live in the sweet memories over and over again,
Some thoughts may succeed in crowding me time and again,
It might seem what is gone once is gone forever never to return again,
I feel love glancing at me with all passion and l feel pleasure in pain,
I cherish my solitude and await for better time to come again,
My thoughts cheer me again when l grow weary and l awaken to life again,
Look at the glitter in my eyes and l can feel the blood flowing in my veins again,
Though l may not be left with a choice but my last choice remains the same again,
Until love returns again l wish not to live in vain,
I see life bright and plain,
I dream of the innocent youth in love, which l may not meet again,
Let me sleep, don’t wake me up from that dream over and over again,
Thinking that, the years that take the best away from me intend to return something in bargain,
The darkness of night flickers and l sleep again,
A new day sprawls and my eager feet continue the search of finding love again.


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