Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 9, 2017

BEAUTY OF CO-EXISTENCE~by Jagjit Singh Jandu

My dear friends, I posted this poem for the 1st time on June 6, 2014 🙂



A rose feels proud
Of its mesmerizing smell
Takes it as if the garden
Looks beautiful due to
Its toxic existence!
The soothing scent
Raises its head high
Bearing in mind if
The rose being loved
Due its presence in
Its lovely petals and
if it divorces the rose
he will face solitude!
Even the petals feel
These are they who
Sooth & refresh
The human souls!
The humble bud
Feels being ignored
Who sacrificed a halve
Of her being buried
In the soil of orchard
And the care-taker
Planting the buds
Watering & nurturing
Making the roses to bloom
Also the butterflies
Are caught in mirage
That they extend to roses
The precious importance
Wish a flowering rose
Realize indispensible importance
Of all its elements
For its soothing appearance
Is the loving & respectful
And caring co-existence!
That births a rose’s
Life leasing fragrance!

©Jagjit Singh Jandu (Jit)
@ June 6, 2014
All Rights Reserved

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