Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 12, 2017

A Dot In Horizon~by Sanjib Das



A Dot In Horizon

When rain drops blossom plant tops in garden
A question often rattles whether my soul
Is much better than body where many roiling venoms pierce in
Face distorted by frequent taunts
Rushing in from covetous coveys of my tormentors
Who have so blatantly sketched darkness within
Weeds many in garden
Plundering nutrients of alluring flower plants
Once deserting my father’s place
Seeking momentary worldly pleasures
But coming to senses when living place turns a squalor
Rivers so shallow sans living water
Gardens devoid of colorful petals
Temple bells shake violently surrounding darkness
When a quotidian existence pains deep
I undertake a journey back home
The old man moves around roof top
Like a participant in a Roller-Derby
Eagerly looking for someone so much precious
A dot in horizon appears that cavalcades of riotous crowd can’t devour
Rays of hope emerge from somewhere like that dot
Dot in horizon approaches
Size increases
Old man’s heart beats pound faster so violently
Waiting for warm kiss of bright Sun light
Labyrinthine halls are showered with many desires
But finally the dot appears as a ‘Man’
The Septuagenarian rushes down the stairs
To greet, hug and kiss his just returned “once lost” prodigal son.
All rights ® reserved : Sanjib Das


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