Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 13, 2017

Galaxy Of Love~by Hela Tekali



Galaxy Of Love

The empty blanket
Is our galaxy
Let ‘s paint it
With colors of love.

Bring your paintbrush
Light up my darkness
With your glaring light .

My empty canvas
Needs some arts
To bring out the secret beauty.

Come my beloved
Smear the sketch of your romance
Let it sparkle throughout our galaxy.

I am a Black Hole in need of some fantasy
Promise me you’ll take me to heaven.

Color my evanescence with
Stardusts of Celestial beauty.

So please fill
The empty spot of my emotional blanket
For it has been lonely for so long.

A Milky Way Galaxy together we’ll create
Pouring stardusts down to the ground.

We’re the souls that collide
Particles of pure intimacy
Turning our mystic love into
Our own galaxy.

Jenayah hela
@spiritual poetry
Galaxy of Love


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