Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 26, 2017

EMBRACE~by Kumaresh Das

A saga love and death of my land



Image may contain: one or more people

Erecting on a small boat
Beloved couple
In oblivion their souls float,
Amidst the Swonsiri river
Their desires crawl
Their eyes, mingle,
Their hearts dance
On the eve of Ali-Ai-Ligang
With the beat of dhol
Melodious songs sung,
Solitude reign
Winnowing wind atune
The rippling water surface
Glazing in late afternoon.

The souls
Their arms fold
Closer to close
Happiness of gaining
Tears of remorse,
The world, being brutal
Cursed their love
Nip and destroy their bud
Devilish act, world of hell
Alike Lucifer, utterly cruel.

They didn’t surrender
Plan to flee, or
Together die in bitter
Wagged a war
A fight but in vain!
Against illegality and torture,
Amidst the water
Forgetting their pains
Unbearable Sorrows
Wiping their faces of tear
With a promise, unite ever
Dived into Swonsiri River.

Like Adam and Eve
An eternal promise
Unition in their grave,
In olivine their souls
Embracing doomed love
Destined to be sempiternal.

©®Kumaresh Das
All copyright reserved


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