Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 27, 2017

Beyond the steps~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Beyond the steps

Beyond the steps
I dont know
Say all and all and all..

One of my fellow soul
In a state of realization said
All and all and all
He crawl
In the wet land
As if like a snake
And in estacy..
The steps
All and all and all..
A familiar sound
The wind bought for my ears
Indeed it was a reveleation

Stood there like a light house
I cant see it
The fellow souls told
There voices heard as one
But the opening
And closing of lips
Roughly I counted

The steps…
One day
Years back
A soul climbed
On top of a volccano
From there he could see
The so called beyond
Later a diciple
Wrote with his quill
In estacy
He jumbed on to the vault
Thats all and all of it.

Beyond the steps..
Beyond the steps
What can we do
Where is it begin

Hot air from noses
Touching it with hands
A fellow soul remark
Our inquiry
Our mission got fire

Beyond the steps
Beyond the steps
We walked
Over the hills
Across the rivers
We walked
Ona full moon day
We are resting
Near the outskirts of a desert
The wind swirls
Around the desert
It sounds
Oh dear I think
It is trying to reveal
Some thing..
A few laughed
Others kept silence..
The steps…
The steps..

The night
Just now
A thin silvery ribbon
Inside this
The dawn stays..
An enlightenment
The dawn is the
Truth ultimate

We know
All and all now
All are in us
If you believe
Look the steps appear
To know
What is beyond the steps
Follow the foot steps
Which are firm
And solid like rocks.


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