Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 27, 2017

Doggerel…~by Joe Wilson




Here I am sitting at my dutiful studies
Alone and not out with all of my buddies
I’m thinking about this writing malarkey
With window wide open, it feels very parky.
But nonetheless, I won’t waste my time
I’m jotting down doggerel that somehow will rhyme
Though there may be those to whom it is awful
Writing my nonsense is perfectly lawful
So continuing on I put pen down to paper
And let my daft mind carry on with this caper
For it gives to me a pleasurey lift
As out of my brain falls this too silly drift
Till finally finished my work and this ditty
I return to my real world where I’m Walter Mitty.

©Joe Wilson – Doggerel…2015
Once more in the style of Ogden Nash

Dedicated the our dear departed Raven who was the first person to like this and quite a bit of my work. Missed daily.

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