Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 27, 2017

“True Happiness”~by Rick Halliburton



“True Happiness”

True happiness…hmmm..not to be achieved
True was only concieved in fairy tales not of this World as we start only to believe in self
As fairy tales only end with gold
We have lost the belief in real life
Stories told of happiness and holding
Onto tomorrows with open eyes wide
Feelings warm and complete inside
Why this was lost now from our sight
Unknown..complex…and yet their should be no reason for despair
As long as you truly care and yes I mean truly…if your need is that strong
Then the answer has always been there walking beside you all along whether you saw it our not
It was there along..beside you
Only for you to grab .

Rick Halliburton 2017

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