Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2017

Stardust~by Dipendra Kumar



Aare! Wait, I’m coming to meet you,
Say, what gift I can bring for you?
as like you,
here, the wind will be twisting its body; then dances in Himalaya
from Eastern Arunachal; till Western Himachal
only to kiss the red budding Rhododendron
around those hills; who too seems dancing with wind,
May I bring you the cold kisses of Himalayan wind?
Rhododendron – –
Red flowering through those forest slope
numerous hilly residences who climbed up; to witness
relationship of their own blood and flowers
same redness;
May I bring this sacred soul to you?
Aare! You too are a sacred soul,
You too evolve from the womb of Switzerland;
intercourse within the womb;
The people in your region;
within you find supernatural nectar
I believe so..
few clouds from those mountain are approaching with fairy smile,
soon here will be rain
from backstage, will sneak – peacock
with the wind to show royal dance
I too will extend my fingers, to touch those rainy drops
to feel only you, Aare!
Aare! Wait, I’m coming to meet you
a gift for you – from our heart – Rhododendron.
Poet © Dipendra


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