Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 29, 2017

And So I Dream~by Melvina Germain

Awww yes, “And so I dream” sharing with you once again people…


And So I Dream

Do I repent my thoughts of you,
these wondrous jewels of crystal blue.
Must I suppress those inner feelings,
and thirst the thirst of royal juice.

My words are mine, my thoughts divine,
I torture not the sight of you.
My rainbow curves around your being,
and you become a glorious scene.

Held within the valley of no pain,
thoughts of you have infinitely gained,
The thickened syrup of life’s flesh fountain,
have trailed the slippery slope.

O as my imagination soars, my thoughts
create a diva’s roar. I laugh with the intensity
of a Queen as you have given me my crown.
My radiant smile, my pleasing sigh, my tranquil
moment, my inner high. I bask in ecstasy as
my thoughts of you abound.

So I live this lonely life, of which I shall not
change. Thoughts of you have granted me
pleasure and always within my range. I fear
no implications, I hurt no one at best. I dare
say, solace I have found, it seems I’ve past
life’s test.

Your name, I’ll not unveil, tis I who knows of
whom I speak, the character of my tales.
I shall dream on a lonely winters night,
dreams of warmth within your embrace.
Whispering within your ear, only words for
me to hear.

Written by: Melvina Germain


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