Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 29, 2017

Keep believing in yourself ,~by Bijoy Bhakat



Keep believing in yourself ,

Keep believing in yourself , dear
Keep believing you
Every day is a new page
Every day is a new.

Today may be is not your day
Not in your favour at all
It doesn’t mean, oh my dear
The sky is going to fall.

Every day is like a new challenge
New in every sense
Until and unless you make a try
You can’t cross the fence.

Today you may beg on street
Tomorrow you may become king
Today you may be knocked out
Tomorrow you will rule the ring.

Every day is a surprise
New to you and all
You have to be smart enough
To take a right call.

Life has got grief ,sorrow
Desire, pleasure and fun
You have to pass all the phases
Without escaping any one.

You never ever get afraid
Seeing the number of heads
You can achieve everything
If only dare to leap ahead.

Run Run and Run dear
Until you reach the goal
Till your desires get fulfilled
You can’t be calm or consoled.

Bijoy Bhakat
date:- 29.6.17


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