Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 1, 2017

In my song ~by Nutan Sarawagi‎



In my song

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Why is it difficult to bring words to your song
in your lips to utter that sound
that mean the world 
that make the world go around
its merry go round
when you smile in you so shy
to say the three wondrous words
I love you
a feeling so overwhelming making you die
you shy in it so coy
as you turn around hiding your face
my world my heart in it to break
in it to quake
I wait for you
Make haste
to resonate its sound
as your heart reverberates an echoed sound
in a thud you fall to the ground
was it my voice uttering the sound
those magical three words
I like to hear

the sound of the heart having stopped
in its silence beating no more
In its resonance reverberating more and more
I fall to the ground
I love you I love you
I turn around no one to see
but my own voice following me around
lost to its own sound
as my heart beats once again to its sound
following me around
to stop no more mine
beating hard
falling down
Was it my heart breaking calling me to see it
not mine anymore
turning around

— with Jyotirmaya Thakur and 81 others.


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