Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 2, 2017

A Plea of a Departed Soul~by Ma-Lakshmi Borthakur



A Plea of a Departed Soul

(A tribute to the boy who was brutally killed in a train)

An innocent soul
Was forced to leave
From this beautiful world
Of the Holy Creator
He was sobbing
Tears came from his eyes
Like a wild unruly stream flowing
He was only sixteen
‘Junaid’ was his earthly name!

The soul went to the Creator
And asked,
Oh, Father ! why me?
Why I was not allowed to live
In that beautiful world
You’ve created ?
What’s my fault?
What’s my sin?
Was I a terrorist?
Was I a fraud?
Was I an adulterer?
Was I a sinner?
No !
I was just an adolescent !
As pure as a just blooming bud
As innocent a soul
As a new born calf
Caressing by its mother !

My sin was
I looked little ‘different’ !
My crime was
I wore a skull cap !
And more than that
A beard had started
Growing on my chin !

Is this such a big crime?
That I looked different !
They went on beating me
I was crying, pleading, shouting
Leave me ! please !
For Heaven’s sake !
But I was not heard !

Who’re ‘they’ ?
I don’t know
What’s their religion ?
I don’t know
What’s their color ?
I don’t know
What’s they’re wearing ?
I don’t know
I know mine only
I was wearing green
A color of nature and harmony
Freshness and energy
Who’re they ?
They’re anonymous !
They’re a ‘mob’ !

I was so happy
Knowing only that
A celebration was at hand !
A celebration after
A long trail of tough living !
A celebration of love and brotherhood
A celebration after a
Mass prayer for humanity !
But I couldn’t be a of it !

Oh, Father !
I am sure !
You haven’t taught anyone
To hate, to contempt
To fight or to look down upon !
Oh Father !
Do you know ?
Your Hymns of love
Have been misspelled for years?
Your Messages of Humanity
Have been wrongly conveyed
To man on earth –
Your beautiful creation ?
So much chaos, so much blood shed
So much misunderstanding
In your Garden of Eden prevailing?
In the name of color
In the name of religion
In the name of you,
The Creator even!
Please come with me
And save the world
Please save man
From committing more sin
Please restore the trust
In this beautiful earth
Please mend the faith
So that no other ’Junaid’
Would be killed
No killing of Humanity again
Not in My Name !
Teach man to bridge the gulf
Teach man to trust
Teach man to be patient
Teach man to be tolerant
And not to kill Humanity
Not in My Name !

©® Ma-Lakshmi Borthakur, 2017.


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