Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 2, 2017

Looking out side~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Looking out side

Looking out side
I could see
Only see
The moon light reflecting
Pieces of dreams

As a moveable mortal
I do
I do
Going and seeing them

My poet friend wrote
It is a correction by him
When stars came
With winds…
All are over…

A feeling
Nothing more
A feeling
It is beyond the trap
Of words.

Moon lights
Still on it…
I will be here
Till the hours came
For to eliminate..

A feeling
Only a feeling
Like a small wave
It is over
It is over

An old man
Rich with experiences
Already made comments

What it is..
The moon light reflecting
Nothing more dear..
Open the doors
Windows are myths
May be
It is good for songs

Iam still
Near the window
The pieces of age old
Lost dreams…..
That reflect

You said..
It is fate
It will follow us

The moon light
Still there
The stars in winds
Still there..
The awareness about
Doors now there

The world out side
Now on vision
I could see
The dreams faded
Bloom in the moonlight
The stars with winds
Still there to kiss them
I prefer doors
It is the light
It is the gateway to the sky.



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