Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2017

🍭 The farmer’s stupid wife 🍭~by Swapna Behera



🍭 The farmer’s stupid wife 🍭


The farmer’s stupid wife
Holding a big knife
Howls the ducks
following a truck
Fishes in the trolley

“Where is my umbrella?”
Shouts the farmer
Drizzling rains
The wife grins
making faces
“Dear hear me
Umbrella hangs there
I am on the road “

Wife runs to kitchen
Curry in a hurry
Lorry in the slurry
Firewood gets wet
Droplets in bucket
“Where is my umbrella?
Come find fast
getting late sure
Have to sow seeds
Harvest will be more”

Wife runs here and there
Road to Kitchen and to the yard the umbrella was hung
right before him

fish curry with mustard
flavour speeds wide
stupid his wife
runs and runs
in the rain sweats

comes a buffer second
leans on his chest
dear my husband
“I am your umbrella
Now I understand “
Smiles the farmer
For he is so clever — —–
Copyright @Swapna Behera 4.7.2017

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