Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 5, 2017

46- “You are my escape”~by Khalid Belkhalfi



46- “You are my escape”

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When times are hard
From everywhere
Noises are smacking cruelly and 
are giving me headaches
And when I need someone to lean on
I know then, I can count on you..

I just close my eyes to see
complete darkness
Then Everything I hate gets erased
And I don’t see it anymore
And I turn off
all the interferences
that are knocking on my brain..

But you are my light
All I have to do is
stretch my arms to reach you
And feel the softness
of your silky body
And all I can hear are
your whispers in my ears
calling my name from wherever you are..

Your scent embraces my soul
And you and I, we are one
This is when I’m in total harmony
with the universe
I’m where I belong
I’m free at last, and away from the creatures
of the dark world
You are my inspiration, my freedom
You are my escape..

Khalid Belkhalfi
June 5th, 2017


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