Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2017

Daily missive for Friday the 7th of July.~by Peter Forster‎



Daily missive for Friday the 7th of July.

Count your scars
They are there
To remind you
How hard it was
To get here.
The memory of pain fades
It is well to remember
How each one felt
Before making another
Rash decision.
Healing slows down
With age
Another fall like that one
When you ran into a wall
Full tilt, eased off the ball
By an older kid
About seven feet tall
Smacked your head
Bled for England
Might well be your last.
You were unconscious
For five minutes
When flung out of a Bubble car
Through the front door
Which sprung open
As it completed
A full somersault
There were no marks
For artistic impression
When you hit the road
Knocked stone cold.
Just for a moment
It was as if you
Might be dead
But it was just a bump
On the head
And a twisted knee
Very lucky.
But never again
Did you ride
In a three wheel car
Or whilst eating a chocolate bar
Fingers burned
Lesson learned.
Pain is not a good friend
Look out for yourself
The scars you carry
Define who you are
If you let them.
Remember what they mean
But never wear them
As war wounds
Ribbons and medals
Respect their presence
As evidence of life
Move forward carefully
Fragility increases
As agility decreases
This old body
Is approaching its final stage
And as wise heads know
Healing slows down
In old age.


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