Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2017

How Come~by Aarti Mittal

Inspired by revered poet friend Mandour Saleh Hikel sir



How Come

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Now what are you thinking
What are you upto
Still shouting yelling
On top of your voice
So hoarse
But just your ego
To prove yourself
The group the community
At its best !!!
In the name of religion
Being sacred
But you are the most corrupted
Killing the identity of other than you
In the name of dignity
In the name of identity
You assasinate love
Sacrifice humanity

How can you be religious
Religion preaches
No discriminations
How can your religion
Be a religion at all
When it is an institution of discrimination
Of class colour and creed
Of religion for sake of heed

O god where do I go
Where do I come from
If you sent me
If am your child
Then for sure
Not from a land of discriminations

May be that’s the reason
I love ,
Love humanity and compassion
Without these
I have no designation as A HUMAN.

Aarti Mittal


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