Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2017

The wages of sin…~by Joe Wilson



The wages of sin…

The wages of sin were just six old pence
And I nearly got caught and well tanned
Old Farmer Gudger hated scrumpers
From his orchards scrumpers were banned.

But the man with barrow always paid well
And so over the wall we all went
And sixpence seemed like a small fortune
We’d plans on what it would be spent.

In the Fifties it seemed like a small thing
Sweets were scarce and it was only fruit
Never did it seem like stealing to us
It was just the fun of the pursuit.

But we grow up and very soon learn things
And stealing it was, that’s for sure
So you’ll not catch me throwing those first stones
On reflection I wasn’t so pure.

©Joe Wilson – The wages of sin…201


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