Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 7, 2017

Time Before Time~by Paul F. Lenzi



Time Before Time


“Planetary Plasmas” by Richard Ortolano

a lone singularity

infinite density

temporal spatial

dimensions as yet

nonexistent sheer

numberless absence

of space and of place

quantum vacuum

mathematically moribund

paradox of a particulate God

life and matter ex nihilo

cunningly curvingly

dovetailed to fit relativity

bent by uncertainty

Einstein and Heisenberg

iconoclastic in neat

intellectual joinery

only to find they’ve been

rendered asunder when

come to great clash with

arcane modern notions

of lawless invisible motion

a chaos of vibrating strings

singing cyclical songs of

expansion contraction

ethereal inhales and exhales

replete cosmogenesis

parallel opposite worlds

full of opposite parallel minds

time in omni-directional course

unpredictably carried by chance

forward backward and sideways

perhaps all is ever and always

an infinite multiverse

able to procreate gravity branes

who suspend every universe

each in its own isolation

or possibly even

produce countless

self-contained bubbles

discrete of existence

expanding for all of eternity

each cosmic entity destined

to never perceive any other

yet all must perforce face

the very same question

will time before time

be resolved and revealed

by theology steeped in

a fluid forensic philosophy

or will it happen that

better-made pictures

emerge from a faith in

untamed theoretical physics


  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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