Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2017

“A regrettable love”~by Khalid Belkhalfi



47- “A regrettable love”

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I’m laying down naked
on a cold floor
My eyes are still open 
But slowly, my soul
is slipping out of my body
I guess my time has arrived
I’m what’s left
from a long night with a vampire

I’ve been lured by a dark beauty
A face full off disguise
Sarcastic smiles and words of lies
Rough body covered with silk
Hell hidden behind paradise

I have been held in a dark fortress
I have no where to run or to hide
I’m the prisoner of an evil queen
A mistress of the enigmatic world

Her dark scent made me forget
my name and from where I came
I lost myself in her maleficent arms
I drunk from her poisonous potions
And I embraced her mysterious soul

I have long begged her
I asked her for mercy
to save my soul from her evil hands
But she already has tasted
The sweetness of my blood
She won’t stop until the last drop
I’ll have to say my prayers, I’m her prey

I understand, I am the one to blame
I have fallen in love with a black widow
I have been trapped in her net
I was blinded by the thirst to love
and I drunk from her river of shame

Now I will leave with a big regret
I have thrown my heart into a dark hell
I was a blind man who will face his destiny
I see darkness now so goodbye my friend
I bid you farewell ..

Khalid Belkhalfi
June 8th, 2017

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