Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 8, 2017

DESIRE~by Nandita Samanta




Let us walk this evening, oh! my desire
and embark on a journey, together
through the misty shrouded evening
into the deadest of the night, as occult figures.

There are no saviours in this corner of the universe
neither the steps taken, nor can the seconds spent be reversed.
This dark scheming world might blame you for my stumble,
today, the sounds of booming thunder within rumbles,
‘Desire’ to hold you, I’m ready for a tumble!

Fallen are torch bearers, in this gargoyle’s kingdom
it’s my cresting wake of mind, and you
on a pathway to freedom
in the crest of a fall barely alive, still I will survive
for I have you with me to fulfil
if it’s between you and me a deal,
why wait for a lamp that casts no glow ?
why let the pernicious mow?
why wait for love and happiness to prevail?
why consider there’s heaven behind that gaseous veil?

There is no rain in those grey clouds, it holds only pain
through my penitence let me make some rain
let my eyes burn from the ceaseless tears that drop
let these tears celebrate the liberation
of those, until their graves deprived of freedom!
Parched remained their souls, embalmed in cryptic miseries,
fear and ignorance made them wait for the destiny and fairies.

I’m not one of them, I’ll make my claim
on destiny and desire, before pyre
cause love has lately forgotten to sire,
for repugnance and hatred never disappear
they are beyond escape and redemption.

Let the clock continue to tick, let the winds pick…
as we proceed towards the inevitable end of time
darkness of the night may wait…we all have a due date.
but I desire to write, an epilogue to my human chapter.

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