Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 9, 2017

Magic~by Kshitij Yadav




Magic, what is it?
To me it is you,
To me it is the mountains,
To me it is the eyes of a newborn,
To me it is love,

Magic, isn’t it everywhere?
One can’t find it if he has greedy intent.
He whose heart is as pure as a freshly blossomed jasmine, whose intent is only to offer, need but ask

Magic, it can’t be sought, but feel, its impact
is intimate enough.
All sorrows will be forgotten,
Wounds will be healed

It’s in her smile, only a glance fades away my worries,
It’s in the meal my mother prepares,
It’s in the treat and happiness that we share

Yes, the magic in life happens
In every moment,
In every life.
It needs not be sought,
It is there already,
When you open your heart,
To the magical
And experience…

By Kshitij Yadav
Admin | Human Writes



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