Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 10, 2017

The Dementia Sufferer Speaks~by Neil Perry



The Dementia Sufferer Speaks

I’d like to tell you how I really feel
But something stops me, I can’t find the words,
And everytime I move, your not sure where
I’m going, I just wish I could be heard;

Because I’m like this, please dont walk away,
I am a person with human needs as well,
My life is limited to what it was,
But even so, I’m not locked in a cell;

Sometimes you may find that I hardly talk
And drift into myself to hum a song,
This is a way of comfort, where I find
My comfort zone, when everything seems wrong;

So please remember when you see me here –
I am a person, that needs love as well,
It is not easy being me, you see –
It is confusion, in my living hell.


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