Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 11, 2017

LOVE ASYLUM~by Balachandran Nair




Nurses, guards chasing me around
Inside this vast mental asylum
Ihave no time left to write, so I sing.
Seeing me run, few inmates cry
Few laugh, applaud, few are shy,
Frightened to hell, they yell.
I was on leave, to plan our marriage,
My live-in partner was then pregnant.
I had to rush back on UN security duty.
I was in Afghan when I was abducted,
Put in under cover, right hand amputated
How was I she never knew.
Day-by-day her suspicion grew.
Lack of commn. put me in dismay
Life’s trauma, loath, despair led her to
Mental asylum while she was carrying.
I got freed after two years, however
Fired from job on invalidation pension.
My child has to be two years old now.
Wanting to see them, I went to asylum
Disallowed, driven away I feigned mad.
Beaten up badly I started to yell,
Not knowing, it is their preconditioning.
Torturing Guards are healthy physically,
I fear, my God is not so mentally!
Freeing myself from nurses’ clutches
I ran around frantically, looking around
I saw my beloved in some distance, in
Long, grey frock, she was looking at sky.
Nearing her, running, I called her name
Blear eyes focused in sky, never mind,
She seemed pretend as Einstain!
Her charm was gone, freshness gone,
Intrinsic smile gone, long hair gone,
All goodness gone, memory gone,
But where is my child gone? Eh?
Now I am really mad, did she kill him?
Or is he alright,living somewhere else?
No chance I’ll knot it, guards come close,
They’ll catch me, make me forcibly bite
That electric rod, to make me fully mad!
To make me obedient, bald, ever smiling!
No time to write so I now sing aloud
That I am totally satisfied, glad
Not for having been made a mad,
But for having company of my beloved,
I know, remainder of life
Pain will always rain tear,
but every time her presence will
Spread an umbrella, no more I fear!


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