Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 11, 2017

RHYTHMS OF RAIN~by Saroj K Padhi




I listen to the lyrics of lavish rain

that lashes the bared metals of my lone roof

lulling taut nerves to a kind of half sleep,

as the music of the truant monsoon wavers

in sounds of roving dark clouds

inside vaults of the sky too deep:

sometimes like the rustle

of sweet pain in blue vein

as tragic moments from memory’s corridor

into the foaming, frothing waters

like seasonal fishes leap;

then a rumble of regret

in heart’s secret fen

that grows into a roaring thunder

to echo huge losses again,

in the resounding chest of a deserted lover

into which lightning tries to peep;

the refrain of pain seems endless

as it howls again like a murderous wolf

at the edge of a dying jungle

where fear stalks flocks of poor sheep;

the cacophonous rain

rises to a higher pitch again

echoing the groans of landslides

in Badrinath and Amarnath

as the noble desires flowed as waste down

the melting mountain

in the heat of frequent face-offs

at the borders under strain;

hark, the showers have thinned down

into a light dose of cool drizzle

to soothe the cells of a racked brain !



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